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Catchy melodies to sing along, big drums together with electronic beats and the necessary pinch of rock!


The trio Scars on Louise exists since 2017 and played numerous concerts and festivals in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands with their energetic pop music since then. The power at their live concerts as well as being close to the audience is always their first priority!


The band consists of Laura on vocals, Romain on guitar and Kevin on drums.

Always on the lookout for new and interesting sounds, they also use a variety of other instruments -from various synths and pianos, to self-played strings, ukulele, banjo and more.


Several of their  single releases are played regularly on local radio stations -furthermore they made it several times into the TOP10 of the listener charts. In 2022, there will be more releases and, after the long forced break of the last 2 years, finally concerts again!

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